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How do you play 'the game'? asks Fritillaria meleagris

Friday, October 25th, 2013

Today I was planting Fritillaria bulbs (Fritillaria meleagris) and it reminded me of the essence I made from it in the Spring –those fabulous chequered downward facing bulbs. The ones that I’ve noticed men feel Ok about saying they really like, the ones with a complicated structure and very slim stems.

When we make an essence there are several ways that we work out what it’s for –there are lots of clues in the colour, the herbal uses, the shape of the plant, intuition as well as personal experience and trialling it out on others

I sent this essence out as a trial ,mostly to followers of mine on Twitter as well as a group of students at  L’Ecole Lyonnaise des Plantes Medicinales (who all trialled it as a group and, according to their teacher Cathy Skipper ,would come into her class discussing how it made them feel). I had a lot of feedback forms to process to get a clearer picture of what the Fritillaria has to teach us and like trying to describe a person everyone has a different take on it. I have found everything in this game we call life is subjective and contains lots of it mirrors of who we are deep inside.

It seems that Fritillaria, with its chequerboard pattern is a lot to do with how we play ‘the game’, how we notice and use power and what stance we take amongst the other players, how aware we are of others, what we need to do to ‘win’ and how comfortable we are to take up our place.

Many people were energised to get on but also more relaxed and less stressed, many were more aware of others and their interaction with them. Some went back to old roles and patterns they had played, almost as if needing to find out why that ‘role’ didn’t work, to understand why they had changed positions. Some seemed comfortable in the roles they are playing and others wanted to change

It also bought up lots of stuff about yin/yang (black/white) roles and how comfortable we are with the balance of these energies within us.

For me personally, I not only picked up on the power struggles, game playing aspects of this plant (and myself) but also the ‘snakeshead’/Scorpionic aspects .I found it to bring awareness to the darker aspects of my personality which wasn’t easy or pretty but interesting none the less, and found myself questioning why and how I play my life the way I do. Once the doors to awareness are opened there is no closing them again !

As with all plants which store their energy in bulbs it is a grounding essence. It helps us to hold/transmute our energies in the earth and come back to play another day –whether to win or lose who decides?


So this isn’t necessarily an easy essence, not a light number but a very powerful transformative one which, I feel, could be very useful for those who need awareness of how they, and others, deal with power and roles and how they can best transform to win the game for us all.


We haven’t launched this essence on our website yet but if you want to try it please email me ( ).We also have other essences that need trialling if you dare 🙂 …. and are VERY grateful for those who took part in the trialling of this essence –thanks guys !


The Web of Life

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

I’m writing this in the waiting room in Lyon train station,waiting for the TGV to Paris… Its been quite a month –a month where a big hole was torn out of the web of life that surrounds me, a month where I’ve learnt just how important the connections we make are and how we must continually strengthen them so that in times of huge grief and loss we stay strong and firm in our centre, supported by love.

A very good friend of mine decided that life on this planet was just too difficult and left in a brutal and heartbreaking fashion.

Since then everyone who knew her has felt grief and loss of varying degrees and for me personally I’ve been so glad to have the essences as support and to help bring light to the darkness and help me stand firm when it felt like everything was collapsing around me. Since then I’ve been connecting and reconnecting and strengthening the bonds that are all around in the web that I’ve been feeling around me… A beautiful web with a big hole in it.

I’m sharing this because it seems all around there are people dealing with deep loss and grief. Life is fragile and sometimes unbearably hard but there is support and hope and life continues. I am grateful for the good times, and the bad, for the lessons learned, the laughter shared. It seems the most important thing in these times is to let people know how much you love them and let them know that you are available whenever they need you.

Life tests us again and again and we learn the hard way just how strong we are. Please remember to take your essences -they are here to make the journey just that little bit easier.
And if you need help with deciding which essences you need we are more than happy to help….

That is all….

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Does anyone ever read this blog? Is it worth the bother I ask myself? Have I got anything worth saying? What do people need to know?


That’s mostly it … I could write lots of words for you to read that have been said before/are just infill/take up your time but…..

The reason Christine and I started making essences was because THEY REALLY WORK, we wanted to help people on their journeys and, we realize now, it was all part of ‘the plan’ for the flowers to get their love and messages they have to share further out into the world.

Lots of people are finding life very uncertain at the moment so BE GENTLE WITH YOURSELF and DON’T FORGET ESSENCES WHEN YOU’RE HAVING A HARD TIME

That is all……

It's been a long time……

Friday, April 20th, 2012

The blogging thing has been rather left by the wayside in the last few months. Personally I’ve been going through a lot of shifts and changes inside and out and have been drifting this way and that unsure of my direction and feeling the tides and energies that surround us all the time and going with them. It’s fascinating to see how disconcerting this can be to others –like we have to have a life plan and stick to it. I’m constantly reminded how resistant us humans are to change –and I do enjoy challenging that (LIFE IS CHANGE) and of course getting our essences further into the world helps people enormously deal with the changes in their lives.

On my return from my 2 months in New Orleans it was great to notice how different I felt and I’ve needed time to assimilate those changes. I’m telling you all this partly because as humans we often feel the need to make excuses for our behaviour when we feel we haven’t done something we feel we should have (or done something we feel we shouldn’t have) and also because you might find comfort in seeing someone else’s life is more uncertain and up in the air than your own 🙂 I’m (mostly) loving it by the way –and have my friends the essences to help me out when it all gets a bit much.

One of our strong motivators as a company besides being told stories of how or essences have helped people get through difficult times in their lives is trying to get them to people who wouldn’t usually take essences – ie the general public –it’s an uphill struggle most of the time and we need your help recommending them wherever and whenever you come across people having a hard time….. word of mouth with something as subjective as essences is best –so Tweet (we braved it (!) and you can follow @saskiasessences), Facebook, tell people you interact with face to face about essences and the magic they can do whenever you can because those flowers really want to help us all in our struggles –be it with confidence, grief, speaking up for yourself, worry – THEY REALLY DO WORK WONDERS…help us spread the word and change the world at the same time- we’re all in this together.

Oh and do get in touch if you have queries about which essences might be good for you –that’s what we’re here for.

Speaking with Confidence

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

We made this combination initially from a request from someone who wanted help with public speaking but after it being around for a while we realized ,like all essences, that it refuses to be confined to just this one purpose :). Not only is it very good for speaking but it also brings a much greater awareness to how we communicate on all levels and then brings the true strong confidence and an inner knowing of what it is that we really need to communicate to the outside world.

In the so excitingly rapidly changing world that we have today where it feels we have suddenly awoken from a dream and realized that how we have behaved as a race can no longer sustainably continue it is essential that we are able to put our heads up high and say “this is what I believe, this is how I see it, this is what I am doing about it, this is wrong, this is how I believe it could be”. This combination helps you be able to do that in a focussed, connected way that feels right and powerful.

So what essences has it got in it to perform such miracles….well the first is Bluebell which helps you put your head up high and speak your truth. It is great for people who don’t think they are worth listening to, that their view isn’t valid, who would usually rather keep their head down and not be noticed. Then we added Borage, another blue flower, which brings courage and a feeling of being able to deal with all life has to ‘offer’ and then the fabulously cheerful, creative and confident Buttercup had to be invited along to remind us how easy it is to shine. When we have a lot to say it is crucial to get the words out in an organized understandable way that makes sense so we added Carrot and finally for an extra dose of universal support we put in Wild Garlic. This essence makes you feel safe and connected, and in communication, with the whole.

With all those fabulous flowers along for the ride I feel life might just get a lot more interesting. We all have a part to play in this world and the more we take part in a conscious vocal way the better it will be for everyone. So if you are having a hard time saying what you really want to and are feeling a little powerless this is the mix for you.

Go on give it a go and ‘Speak with Confidence’ – others don’t know what you think unless you tell them.

Not long now!!!

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Love it or hate it Christmas for many can be an emotional rollercoaster- family dynamics, expectations, disappointments and tears as well as the occasional mishap. Flower essences are a great part of your toolkit to help with the many things that crop up at this time of year.

Our combination essence “Breathe Deep, Seek Peace” could be one of your biggest allies this month -it helps anyone calm down, let go and relax -it is also very good for getting children off to sleep on Christmas Eve! Nettle essence is very good for when you’re ‘pissed off’, for maintaining strong boundaries and saying no in a calm, contained way and is perfect for many family situations.

Both Impatiens and Speedwell would help many children with the impatience of waiting for Christmas to come and Borage is great for being able to cope with anything in a calm and balanced way.

For when it really all gets too much a quick spray of ‘My Personal Space’ (in a beautiful, Organic orange flower and rosemary water) might be all it takes to not let a massive argument develop and for you to not feel invaded. Or if you don’t manage to and it all feels like its falling apart Emotional Rescue is the combination to take.

If you are unfortunate enough to have anyone with a physical injury our combination essence Accident and Emergency’ (which is the same as Rescue Remedy but with Dandelion added) will help with any shock and trauma,  calm the patient down and help them deal with the situation.

And if you manage to survive Christmas there’s New Year’s Eve and what better way to celebrate than with a good dose of our Sexy and Gorgeous essence….perfect for feeling confident and ready to party

And if you’re stuck for present ideas our Room Sprays smell great and have essences in them…and then there’s our Cards to Inspire that I wrote about last time for people who don’t do nice smells or essences but need good thoughts in their lives…..

Cards to Inspire

Friday, November 26th, 2010

Here at Saskia’s Flower Essences HQ we’re very excited about a new product that we’ve just launched that brings the messages flowers have to share with us all into our lives in a different way….60 small cards inspired by the messages the flowers have to give. Placed upside down on a plate these cards can be picked ’randomly’ daily or just occasionally to bring insight and magic into your life.

Each card has a flower essence associated with it that you may like to ponder upon….perhaps you need this particular message or this essence at this moment in time…..

When we first started making essences and wanted to know what the different ones were for we asked other flower essences producers how they worked out what each one did and they replied that they ‘meditated with the flowers’ or ‘the flowers speak to me’…being quite grounded practical women we wanted something much more scientific and besides trialing the essences on ourselves and other people we couldn’t think of much else to do. After many years of making new essences we have come to realize that the flowers do speak to us- it just wasn’t quite how we imagined…their colour, shape, herbal uses, where and how they grow all give us clues about their personalities and how they can interact with us and show us how to be. And sometimes when making essences thoughts just appear ‘as if by magic’ and sometimes it really does feel like I’m having a conversation with that flower and it ‘tells’ me more about who it is and how it can help us humans.

Flowers speak to us all in many different ways -just being with flowers can bring peace and joy as well as lessons on how to be. Flower Essences help get these messages deep into our beings and our new sets of ‘Cards to Inspire’ bring these messages joyfully into our everyday lives.

And they come in a great little tin to hold them all together when you’re not using them.

We think it’s a great idea and hope you do too…..

To purchase a little tin of inspiration online go to: