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Sexy and Gorgeous

Friday, August 13th, 2010

It seems that this month more and more people have been discovering  and enjoying our ‘Sexy and Gorgeous’ combination essence – a friend of mine who is very used to taking essences and noticing the effects they have on her said……..“Feedback on Sexy and Gorgeous has been blinding.Jane reckons I shouldn’t be allowed it -but hey even jojo’s mojo can have even MORE sparkle…KT thinks she may buy bulk & Liz is gonna bathe in it & is dosing Steve’s tea with it as I type. Gloucester City says a resounding YES to the sexy and gorgeous!” .Another customer reported “I have been taking your flower essence ‘sexy and gorgeous’ and four people called me gorgeous in a week !”

So I thought I’d tell you a bit more about it.

Of course flowers contain the sexual organs of the plant and are often designed to attract pollinators –they’ve pretty much got it sussed when it comes to sex and reproduction –so if you’re going to follow anyone’s example when it comes to these things I think looking to flowers is a good start.

They are unabashed about their sexuality and their fabulousness and I think it’s time we followed their example. By taking flower essences into your body you are reminding your whole being how to be like those particular flowers.

When I first made the Wisteria essence I realized it was about the receiving, vulnerable side of our sexuality (whether you are a man or a woman)and  even tho’ it made me enjoy  sex more and be more open about my needs/desires I realized that there are a lot of issues that we carry about being sexual. Conditioning and history carry an enormous weight around the subject –our roles, our expectations, how we think/feel we should behave etc etc.

So we realized that it would be a good idea to make a combination essence that would help us deal with some of these issues.

First we added Crab Apple which is very good at getting rid of feelings of uncleanliness and disgust and helping us feel liberated and pure. Then we realized that before you get your man/woman you’ve got to feel good about yourself, confident and assured so we added Buttercup for self-confidence and Potentilla which helps you love yourself just as you are, to have self acceptance and feel gooood. Gorse brings sunshine and light into any situation and helps you relax. And finally we added Dandelion (dandy–lion) which brings you back into your physical body and brings awareness to the way you appear to other people.

Personally I find it a great mix to take before I go out (as drops under the tongue or in the bath) –it helps me to look people in the eye in a confident, easy way. I notice the swing of my hips and the effect I’m having on people, it brings me into my body and makes me want to have a good time!

It’s also very good if you want to stay in and have special time with whoever takes your fancy!

To enjoy the effects of this essence and bring a sparkle back into your life go to: