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Okay hands up – who else has been feeling stranger than usual lately ?

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013


I’ve been feeling like I’m on a roller coaster of hectic action, unable to stop, without knowing why, where or when I’m going and now it suddenly feels like it’s time to turn into a chrysalis and get ready for the next stage –and I’ve been relying on those essences much more than usual to get me through it all.

The late spring accounts for a lot of it and there has been lots of astrological stuff happening –eclipses and such like – and who knows what else …’the times they are a changin’ ‘….. I always find it’s best to go with these phases and see where you land.

So what essences have I been clinging onto …well most evenings when I come in aching and grubby after a days gardening a good dropperful of Breathe Deep, Seek Peace has been going into the bath to let go of the days events and chill out. Then sometimes when it feels my feet are going much faster than the rest of me I’ll reach for the Speedwell –to help me slow down and centre and get in touch with my intuition.

Walnut is a great essence for protection during any change and helps ignore all the other madness going on around you and Weld gives a bit of perspective on it all, Twayblade is great at asking ‘what’s the worst that can happen’ and the beaming shining Dandelion is always a help when you feel you might lift off completely.

But the thing I’ve found the most help through this last month or so is our Calm and Confident combination –great for just getting on with whatever you are finding challenging in a way that feels authentic and solid …and I’ve been sending it out to lots of students embarking on their exams this month as well –Good Luck Guys

Of course like all phases this one will pass and I’ll be onto the next one in this fascinating and exhilarating and often difficult and painful journey that we call life –I am so eternally grateful for the support of the flowers through it all, and soooo glad that we have got them in little bottles to send out to you  as well.


Any questions do get in touch –

Calm and Confident

Monday, August 13th, 2012

Golly Gosh –it’s been 2 whole months since I wrote on here …phew it’s been quite a summer (if we can still call it that –or maybe we should just change it to ‘the rainy season’)

Anyway our big news here at Saskia’s Flower essence HQ is the arrival of a new combination Calm and Confident’, along with the release of two of our trial essences onto the ‘get them out there’ shelf – Morning Glory (which Christine made in Bolivia), which is great at untangling long held addictive behaviour patterns and Snowdrop which helps with any situation which needs defrosting –especially grief that has hardened and got stuck without being expressed.

So why bring out another combination? Well lots of people, when we were out and about at events, have been asking for something that helps deal with difficult social situations, something for kids who have a hard time dealing with complex classroom experiences or who are starting a new school, people who don’t do things because they are afraid of what might happen, panic attacks or just those times when you have to leave your comfort zone and we realized that we had a gap in our range that needed filling.

Calm and Confident contains Walnut –very good at stopping you worrying about what others think, our old favourite Buttercup –for self confidence, Wild Garlic –for feeling supported by the universe, Rock Rose –used in Rescue Remedy to stop fear and panic, Cherry Plum –another key ingredient in Rescue Remedy which brings a sense of calm, Borage –for feeling you can deal with anything life throws at you , Pine – for understanding that any bad experiences in the past have taught you lots and finally Cowslip –for even more support .
We think it’s a pretty perfect mix of essences bringing a balance of calmness with support and confidence and we’re sure there are lots of you out there who’ll find it a great help.

I recently left a bottle with a nervous bride (along with her wedding flowers) to help her on her way. She was really grateful. And I’ve been using it a lot as I’ve just moved somewhere completely new and am meeting loads of new people and I’m sailing through life in a swirl of good feelings and confidence that those who knew me in the past would be amazed at.

So if you find it hard enterng new situations or panic at the thought of leaving your comfort zone take a bottle of Calm and Confident along with you and let it work it’s magic -and don’t forget to let us know how it helped you .We just love hearing your essence stories

Back to School

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

We’ve spent so many of our years growing up associating this time of year with going back to school that even the smell in the mornings as the air gets damper and the leaves start turning makes me think of pencil cases and new Clark’s shoes and that half excitement/ half fear feeling in the stomach of starting a new year with new teachers after all the freedom and changes the long break brings.

I was lucky, I found school and learning easy and, mostly, enjoyable but I know that thousands of kids don’t- and I have two sons who both struggled with being in a classroom , let alone learning anything! I’m not going to get into the pro’s and con’s of the education system here but just want to let you know about the essences that can help you or your child cope with all the stresses and strains that school can bring up. Flower essences are great tools to have along for the ride. And children/teenagers, who are so much more used to change, respond really well and much more quickly to the effects of essences.

Walnut and Borage are the first 2 that spring to mind. Walnut brings a shell of protection which is great during change of any sort and helps you be true to yourself and not concerned about what others think of you, which is essential in most classroom situations. Borage helps you be able to deal with everything that life throws at you in a courageous, calm way. Wild Garlic could also go in the mix with those 2 as it helps you feel safe and secure and looked after by whoever you believe is ‘up there’. It also helps you digest any new ideas that come your way.

If you/your child have trouble with self esteem both Potentilla (I love who I am) and Buttercup (self confidence) will really help.

The two essences we make that are great for actually learning things are Pennyroyal and Peppermint. Pennyroyal seems to help people who have learning difficulties (i.e. Dyslexia) by balancing the left and right sides of the brain. Peppermint sharpens the mind, helps you concentrate, wakes you up and brings you back to attention.

Our combination ‘Focus,Energise,Create’ is perfect for getting on with homework, projects, essay’s and anything else you’re having trouble starting- but don’t take it just before bed unless you really have to because it stops a lot of people sleeping.

So as you can see we’ve got a great kit to help and we now have a button on the website so that you can order your own combination choice (up to 5 single essences) so you can make up your own school mix to take before school and after,( and we also make non alcoholic essences –there’s a choice when you order( usually essences are held in a mix of alcohol and spring water but you only take a few drops at a time).

If your child is super sensitive or being bullied our ‘My Personal Space’ handy spray could be a real help ( – and if you really don’t want to smell of organic Orange flower and Rosemary water let us know and we can mix you up one that doesn’t smell at all to spray around yourself when you feel your space is being invaded.

And of course an essential mix for all parents of active children is our version of Rescue Remedy which we’ve improved by adding Dandelion –for its grounding ability of bringing you back to the here and now, a must for any Accident and Emergency.( )

So here’s to a successful new school term made so much easier by using the energy of flowers- cheers guys!