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Exciting Carrot News !!

Monday, April 8th, 2013

carrot-rowsToday something happened that got me really excited , and I’m used to the apparent miracles essences can bring …..

I’ve been working for a couple of days a week in a large walled garden growing flowers alongside Mat who grows the vegetables –pretty darned well I must say. Anyway this year we were told by our employers that they wanted the garden run Biodynamically. I was overjoyed as had been planting by the moon for a long time and had seen how much stronger everything grew and wanted to learn more about the subject .Mat wasn’t so pleased, but was kind of curious and did what he was told. We duly bought a Maria Thun calendar which we look at in our potting shed every morning over a cuppa discussing what needs doing in the garden.

Anyway Mat sowed a couple of rows of early carrots in the polytunnel ( on a Root day) several months ago and was moaning that there was no sign of them germinating. I suggested he watered them with our Carrot essence just to remind them that they had to grow into strong healthy carrots. I was partly joking but we thought it was worth a go. So he watered half the carrots with a dropperful of Carrot essence and the other half with normal water – just once, after that he watered as normal. Many weeks later still no sign of anything.

And then, today lo and behold they had come up and ,you guessed it, the half that had been watered with the essence came up quite significantly bigger and with a higher rate of germination than the others. I have photo evidence  .
Of course it is early days yet –they are only just poking through the silver sand but even I was impressed- the difference is quiet marked and of course I will keep you posted through Facebook and Twitter to see how they progress .

And now I want to make essences of all the other vegetables. We already have an Apple combination essence (called The Path Ahead) which would be great for watering stressed Apple trees and to help them resist disease. And I (and many people we know) have been putting a dropperful of our A&E essence (very similar to Rescue Remedy)in the watering can when watering transplants to help with the stress.

Not only does this show how essences can be used on plants but also removes some of the anti essence brigades ‘placebo effect’ argument against why essences work.

So watch this space guys –vegetable growing is about to go to a whole new level !!

And of course for all thoses flower growers out there you can use the specific flower essences to give your flowers a boost….

(I haven’t worked out how to attach photos to this blog yet but if you want to see proof please email me

Celebrating 10 years of Saskia’s Flower Essences

Friday, March 15th, 2013

Ten years ago this month we made our first essence !! We are pretty darn proud of what we have achieved, how far we’ve grown – personally and professionally – and of course REALLY REALLY pleased that so many people’s lives have been changed by our essences since that first ‘experiment’. To celebrate we are giving away 10 of the first essences we ever made (details at the bottom of this blog)

We have told the story of how Nans Polyanthus essence came about many times since, in workshops and talks around the world but mostly here in the UK and for those of you who haven’t heard it before here you go…..

Christine and I had ‘spirited’ sons who were friends at school and so it was natural we spent a lot of time together. I also used to help her keep her large natural garden in the bottom of a steep Cotswold valley in some sort of order. She had been a homeopath and I worked with flowers (as a gardener and florist). With hindsight it is obvious we would be drawn to use flower essences. We had been using the Bush Flower Essences from Australia for ourselves and children which we found to be incredibly powerful and while reading about them discovered that the process of making an essence is actually pretty straight forward.

Both being ‘do-ers’ and on limited budgets that made buying lots of essences prohibitive we thought we’d give it a go and see what happened…. if we’d known where it would lead us we might’ve stopped there…

So of course the next decision was what plant to make the first one from. In the meantime Christine’s mother, Nan, was in hospital and had been given a small potted bright pink and yellow polyanthus which, in the hot hospital room, quickly wilted and the ever caring Nan kept pointing out that it needed water. No-one took any notice. Unfortunately Nan died while still in hospital and as the room was being cleared out a nurse handed Christine the plant which was, amazingly, in full and vibrant health. Christine’s mother was an upright Quaker woman who did lots of good, got on and did things in a no- nonsense way and had been a nurse herself for a long time.

The polyanthus went to the funeral and was bought back to Gloucestershire. When Christine told me the story it was obvious this was the flower we should make or first essence from.

So we did what it said in the book and then gave the essence out to people we knew to trial (as well as ourselves of course) and see if they noticed anything different in their thoughts, emotions or behaviour. After a couple of weeks everyone had been clearing up, pruning trees, doing their accounts, writing letters they’d been putting off and felt generally more able to get on with things they usually had trouble with. Although kind of amazed that we had any results at all we were slightly disappointed that we had just made an essence to help people with such everyday things.

Christine sent the essence off to a psychic healer she know to see if she could shed any light on it. “It’s very simple Christine. It’s for things that are difficult to do” came back the reply – which could be anything from dying (as in Nans case), leaving a relationship, getting on with clearing out you rubbish to doing your homework.

So the first essence was ‘born’ and is still one of our best sellers. Of course we couldn’t stop there, we were hooked and wanted to know what other flowers helped with. To start with we mostly made essences we were drawn to, as well as a couple that Bach had made to see how similar they were, and then we made some we thought would help our nearest and dearest. And of course being a florist, once we had a reasonable amount, I couldn’t help wanting to mix them together to make combinations.

So here we are, 10 years later, with a range of 40+ single essences, 10 combinations, several sprays and a set of inspirational cards. And we know a lot more than we ever thought we wanted to about websites, label design, social networking, writing copy and public speaking. It’s been quite a journey but the feedback we get from the people we meet about how the essences have helped them through their trials and tribulations has made it all worth it. And of course the essences we were drawn to make have helped us grow and develop through it all.

To celebrate 10 years of Saskia’s Flower Essences we are giving away FREE bottles of Nans Polyanthus to people who e-mail us before 1st April.10 lucky winners will be picked at random. All you need to do is send an email with the subject Nans Polyanthus to and include your name and address – simple


Sunday, February 17th, 2013

One of our missions as a company is to get people to take responsibility for their own health, to notice for themselves where their lives need healing and changing and then to decide which essences they need. This isn’t a cop out from our end but to give people back power in their healing process. We have always been perfectly happy to guide people in the right direction, to suggest essences that might be suitable for a particular person/ issue and we still are. Christine (the other half of Saskia’s Flower Essences), as a homeopath in a small village, found flower essences a great way of escaping being a ‘secret keeper’ and giving out ‘magic’ tablets without people wanting to know what they were.

And so far I have shied away from giving consultations although have found the process extremely satisfying when called by those who have needed me… it seems that this is about to end . For various reasons I now feel ready to guide people in a closer, more active role to which essences they need to take. The main reason is the joy involved in being part of the magic that occurs during a consultation. It is always incredibly moving to see which essences ‘come up’ for someone when dowsing (using a pendulum) and how ‘spot on’ they are even when I know very little about someone’s situation, and then to remain in contact to see just how the essences have taken effect.

It also keeps me in touch with the essences themselves and how they interact with each other, which ones like working together and how subjective they seem to be. Like describing individual humans, describing an essence in just a few sentences is extremely limiting. Actively giving them out to different humans on a regular basis gives me a much broader picture of what each essence is capable of.

Over the last few years I have been honoured to work with ‘troubled’ teenagers at a State boarding school in Gloucestershire and to give them essences – they love the magic of the pendulum and it always surprises me how open they are to the idea of essences and they come back again and again for ‘those drops’. These are kids who really need the healing the essences bring and being young, and therefore more used to change, notice the effects almost immediately. I love this work and it has bought me to realise that we aren’t always able to notice where the problems are in our lives –it sometimes needs someone from the outside to point out what is right in front of us.

So here I am available for consultations. I live in East Somerset (Wincanton /Bruton area) and am often am up in Gloucestershire if you want a face to face consultation – or I can come to you for an extra fee but we also offer an on-line service where you e-mail me a recent photo and a short description of what you want help with ( )

Prices are reasonable and if cost is an issue I am up for negotiation/swops –essences are no use in the bottle –they need to be used, but I do also need to make a living.

My e-mail is Please contact me if you are interested.

Anti-Slavery Day

Sunday, October 21st, 2012

Last Thursday was National Anti-Slavery Day and it found me, with my flower essence producers hat and posh frock on, at The Brompton Club in South Kensington …. not sure how the two things quite fit together I hear you thinking….

By some strange twist of fate we’d been asked by a fabulous company called Beulah, run by two ‘socialites’ to provide essences for the goody bags for the launch of their summer collection –not any fashion company … these two young ladies with ‘connections’ are using their skills and position in society to raise awareness of modernday slavery, especially in India, and helping women who have managed to escape sex slavery.

So as I was sitting in the basement that is The Brompton Club surrounded by very wealthy,famous,well dressed people drinking cocktails I started thinking about the word slavery and what it means today. Christine (the other half of Saskia’s Flower Essences) and I were both bought up as Quakers (who were very much involved in the abolition of slavery in the 19thC ) and every day at the entrance to my school I walked under an arch erected to commemorate the abolition of slavery so it seemed fitting that we’d been asked to donate for this cause.(It was also a great opportunity for us to get our essences out to even more people who really need them)

Besides the fact that there are an estimated 27 million slaves in the world today–a fact in itself that I find staggering-I fell to wondering to what extent any of us are truly free to do and be exactly what we want. And of course then I started to thinking about essences and how they are so good at freeing us from our thought and behaviour patterns, our conditioning and perceived restrictions. They are, in my opinion, the best catalysts for helping us become who we truly are meant to be, to help us escape from situations that no longer serve us and enable us to live fulfilling and less constrained lives.

I strongly believe that we can only really start healing/freeing the world after we have healed/freed ourselves and that is where essences can really help.

(If you need any help choosing which essences you might need do get in touch:,on our Facebook page or on Twitter)

Calm and Confident

Monday, August 13th, 2012

Golly Gosh –it’s been 2 whole months since I wrote on here …phew it’s been quite a summer (if we can still call it that –or maybe we should just change it to ‘the rainy season’)

Anyway our big news here at Saskia’s Flower essence HQ is the arrival of a new combination Calm and Confident’, along with the release of two of our trial essences onto the ‘get them out there’ shelf – Morning Glory (which Christine made in Bolivia), which is great at untangling long held addictive behaviour patterns and Snowdrop which helps with any situation which needs defrosting –especially grief that has hardened and got stuck without being expressed.

So why bring out another combination? Well lots of people, when we were out and about at events, have been asking for something that helps deal with difficult social situations, something for kids who have a hard time dealing with complex classroom experiences or who are starting a new school, people who don’t do things because they are afraid of what might happen, panic attacks or just those times when you have to leave your comfort zone and we realized that we had a gap in our range that needed filling.

Calm and Confident contains Walnut –very good at stopping you worrying about what others think, our old favourite Buttercup –for self confidence, Wild Garlic –for feeling supported by the universe, Rock Rose –used in Rescue Remedy to stop fear and panic, Cherry Plum –another key ingredient in Rescue Remedy which brings a sense of calm, Borage –for feeling you can deal with anything life throws at you , Pine – for understanding that any bad experiences in the past have taught you lots and finally Cowslip –for even more support .
We think it’s a pretty perfect mix of essences bringing a balance of calmness with support and confidence and we’re sure there are lots of you out there who’ll find it a great help.

I recently left a bottle with a nervous bride (along with her wedding flowers) to help her on her way. She was really grateful. And I’ve been using it a lot as I’ve just moved somewhere completely new and am meeting loads of new people and I’m sailing through life in a swirl of good feelings and confidence that those who knew me in the past would be amazed at.

So if you find it hard enterng new situations or panic at the thought of leaving your comfort zone take a bottle of Calm and Confident along with you and let it work it’s magic -and don’t forget to let us know how it helped you .We just love hearing your essence stories

Royal garlands, essences and a lot of hard work

Sunday, June 10th, 2012

As well as being a flower essence producer and practitioner I also am a florist(and professional gardener but that’s another story) and for many years was based at Highgrove –‘doing’ flowers for the house as well as banquets in palaces around the country –a surreal experience for anyone. The reason I’m telling you this is because the week before last I spent 7 days in a secret location ( ie a derelict warehouse next to City Airport !) with a team of 20 florists preparing all the garlands for the Queens jubilee barge –and weren’t we glad that we had flower essences along for the ride.

As you can imagine it was a lot of work, with timings having to be spot on and was physically gruelling by anyone’s standards with early mornings and late evenings. As well as the actual work there was a lot of group dynamics going on, much pressure and lots to ‘worry’ about. Spending a whole week living and working together with people who were mostly strangers at the beginning of the week can be a strain in itself and I found myself liberally spraying our ‘My Personal Space’ spray around on more than one occasion. For those of us awake in the middle of the night going through all that could go wrong and unable to let go of the previous days stress there was our best seller ‘Breathe Deep, Seek Peace’ on the bedside table. And when we just wanted to give up and call it a day there was ‘Keep on Track’ as well as ‘Focus, Energise, Create’ for that extra oomph when we started to flag. All of our combinations were on the long lunch table throughout the week for people to use whenever they needed them and it was great to be able to take them along to share.

I’m not sure how we got it all done in time but despite worrying it all went to plan – the weather gods gave us cool damp weather which the flowers, at least, loved and aboard the Spirit of Chartwell in a persistent drizzle on Sunday morning was the perfect time for our ‘Let’s Celebrate’ combination –that and a long deserved rest in a warm dry cafe on the Kings Road.

For a good idea of what the week entailed here is a great blog and pictures from Mark Fane of Crocus who oversaw all the practical details

Movin’ on

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

I want to share with you my recent experience of changing countries, moving to a city from the countryside and having a completely different lifestyle and how that’s been affecting me energetically and the essences I’ve been using to help me adjust.

(For those that don’t already know I’m living in New Orleans for a couple of months and staying with a very good friend/ soul sister, experiencing the Carnival season and all the other things this city has to offer :) )

I’ve done quite a lot of travelling in my life but never before have I noticed how it affects me energetically as much as I have done this time. Without all my ‘things’ and history, friends and family around me I have a new feeling of who I am, me in the here and now- more condensed and contained and more able to be who I truly am without all my history and peoples pre-conceived ideas of who I am and how I should behave –it’s very liberating and fun to play with and I’ve been really enjoying the Buttercup essence for smiley confidence, Cowslip (for playfulness) as well as Twayblade (Leap of Faith) for diving into new adventures. In the past, without the help of essences, I would have found this experience more scary (and Wild Garlic would have helped loads with that) and constricting and I would have pulled into myself more.

After a couple of weeks living in someone else’s space, sharing their life and their ‘things’ I’ve really been helped by Yarrow essence which is great for realizing what is your ‘stuff’ and what is theirs. In all relationships there is an interaction of energy and it is so easy to take on the feelings of someone else – and for them to take on yours. I’m realizing how important it is to be responsible for the energy you give out and just how we affect those around us. Coming back here after 3 years has really made me realize just how much I’ve changed and achieved in that time -thanks mostly to those fabulous flowers .

I’m just love love loving our My Personal Space spray –it really came into it’s own during a long flight and makes me feel safe and protected while walking the streets (and its smells sooo good)

And I’m really enjoying living with someone else and sharing good times, dreams, meals and thoughts and seeing how different another culture is, how other people do things and learning more about myself in relationship to that- reassessing my values, finding out what’s important to me and what I want to really do with my time.
The essence that has really really helped with all this movement and change is Rio Clarillo, our river essence, which helps you go with the flow, to not get stuck in your ideas of how things ‘should’ be and is a lively, fun and energetic number for letting go.

I’m truly hoping that you too are enjoying the beginning of this year as much as I am and using those essences to support you in all the challenges that you come across –never forget how much support you have available to you when you need it, and do get in touch if you have any questions at all about which essences you might need at this time –It may sound like I’m off being footloose and fancy free but if it’s essences you want help with I’m always here …… ( -as is Christine, back at base, ready to pack off your orders as soon as they arrive.

Keep on Track

Monday, June 13th, 2011

A few months ago a woman came up to us at an event we were at and asked if we had anything to help her lose weight…..we explained that our essences deal more with emotional issues and that they might help bring awareness to the emotional reasons why she was overweight and help keep her focussed on her dieting but wouldn’t actually make her lose weight.

In yet another ‘light bulb moment’ that Christine and I are prone to we realized that here was a new combination essence waiting to be ‘born’ which can help with anything you have resolved to do and keep you focussed on your mission. And so, along with 3 other new combinations, we have recently launched ‘Keep on Track’ and so far the results are looking pretty good (though I say so myself :) ). One woman described a feeling of having a laser beam rather than a hazy light shining on her resolve.

This is the essence to take if you are training for a race and are finding it really hard to get out of bed to do your daily run, if you have decided you want to give up smoking (or any other addiction) or if you keep getting pulled back into a destructive relationship. And I’m sure you can think of lots of other times when you need to be reminded to keep on the road you have chosen, to not get persuaded by other people to do something you don’t really want to do, to say no to the piece of cake that you’re being offered …… I could go on.

Flower essences are great at bringing awareness and helping us shift patterns, and as someone recently said to me, to “awaken your true self”. It feels really good to be able to bring something into the world to help you all keep to your chosen path and we’re incredibly grateful that the flowers want to help us all in this complex human journey.

This fabulous new combination contains : Nans Polyanthus – for things that are difficult to do, Walnut – to stop being influenced by what others think ,Weld – for keeping the bigger picture in mind, Blackberry – for energising your ‘mission’, Yarrow – protection from outside influences, Pennyroyal – for feeling balanced and complete.

We hope that you’ll find it really useful in your toolkit for life.

To order Keep on Track go to:

News Update and other stuff

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011


“The reward of our work is not what we get, but what we become” Paulo Coelho

Saskia’s Flower Essences consists of me (Saskia), my very good friend Christine and her partner George who we employ to do the website, leaflet/label design and any other technical stuff –in fact often we feel he does more than the 2 of us put together.

We’ve been friends since our boys were at primary school together (more than 15 years now) and the quote above reminded me how much the work we all do together, to get the essences out to the people who need them, has strengthened/tested/improved our relationship and the personal growth we’ve gone through along the way. I know for myself personally that, with the help of the flowers I’ve become much more confident, outgoing , self assured and happier with who I am.

It’s knowing how much the essences help people in their struggle to become the best that they can be that keeps us going when the bills come in/we’ve spent all day at the computer/orders don’t come in as quickly as we want.

All along we’ve known that this is a long term business, that (like life) slow steady growth is best, that helping others is what it’s all about and it’s the small milestones that we celebrate – yesterday we managed to get barcodes on our combination labels for a chain of stores who need them and for some reason this felt like a big leap and they looked sooo professional (thanks George)….. it’s the little things that keep you going :)

Also this month we have released  4 NEW COMBINATIONS  which we know are going to be a great success ……STRENGTH AND SUPPORT, SPEAKING WITH CONFIDENCE, LET’S CELEBRATE and KEEP ON TRACK……we hope the names are self explanatory but if not go to our combinations page where you can also buy them :

And we also had a great day at Hawkwood College Open Day where we launched our new essences, our new leaflet and gave a workshop (which my dad attended !!- bringing me face to face with how much I have grown and who I’ve become).So many people told us their stories of how our essences have helped them which is really rewarding…… We are doing a 2 day workshop there next month which we’re really looking forward to -they still have places available so if you’re interested get in touch.(  

For me the exciting bit about my ‘work’ is not only what it’s helped me become but how much further I know it’s going to take me…along with the help of the flowers and my friends to act as catalysts/mirrors…..BRING IT ON  :)


Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

I know it’s a while until the Bluebells even think of making an appearance but luckily for us we can use their energy at anytime of the year and dreary January is just when you might be needing its help…..

Also we have an exciting announcement to make about a charity we’ve teamed up with who we are giving 20% of the sales of our on-line Bluebell sales to. But first I want to tell you more about the energy of this flower, so evocative of Beech woods in the spring.

Bluebell essence helps people who are keeping their heads down, who can’t speak up for themselves and can’t quite face the world, people who are depressed and can’t talk about what’s troubling them…and people who just feel ‘blue’. It helps you feel grateful for all that you’ve got, turn your face back to the light and join in with life in a joyous way. It can also help with public speaking and singing and blockages in the throat. Imagine that uplifting feeling you get when you see masses of bluebells carpeting the floor of woodland just as the leaves are coming out in the spring and this is how Bluebell essence makes you feel…..

Now back to that charity…..I was at a businesswomen’s conference recently where a woman called Ruth Jackson was talking about a charity she’d set up in Bristol. Bluebell Nurses ( ) fundraises to provide nurses to help people suffering from maternal depression. This is an area in which many of us have personal experience or know someone who has suffered (often silently and without help). As our bluebell essence would be ideal for people in this situation we really wanted to donate towards this very needed and valuable cause. I have also offered free consultations to mothers (and other family members) Ruth’s team comes across in their work who they feel would benefit from our essences.

So if you feel that Bluebell essence might help you order one today ( and help yourself and a great charity at the same time.