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Okay hands up – who else has been feeling stranger than usual lately ?

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013


I’ve been feeling like I’m on a roller coaster of hectic action, unable to stop, without knowing why, where or when I’m going and now it suddenly feels like it’s time to turn into a chrysalis and get ready for the next stage –and I’ve been relying on those essences much more than usual to get me through it all.

The late spring accounts for a lot of it and there has been lots of astrological stuff happening –eclipses and such like – and who knows what else …’the times they are a changin’ ‘….. I always find it’s best to go with these phases and see where you land.

So what essences have I been clinging onto …well most evenings when I come in aching and grubby after a days gardening a good dropperful of Breathe Deep, Seek Peace has been going into the bath to let go of the days events and chill out. Then sometimes when it feels my feet are going much faster than the rest of me I’ll reach for the Speedwell –to help me slow down and centre and get in touch with my intuition.

Walnut is a great essence for protection during any change and helps ignore all the other madness going on around you and Weld gives a bit of perspective on it all, Twayblade is great at asking ‘what’s the worst that can happen’ and the beaming shining Dandelion is always a help when you feel you might lift off completely.

But the thing I’ve found the most help through this last month or so is our Calm and Confident combination –great for just getting on with whatever you are finding challenging in a way that feels authentic and solid …and I’ve been sending it out to lots of students embarking on their exams this month as well –Good Luck Guys

Of course like all phases this one will pass and I’ll be onto the next one in this fascinating and exhilarating and often difficult and painful journey that we call life –I am so eternally grateful for the support of the flowers through it all, and soooo glad that we have got them in little bottles to send out to you  as well.


Any questions do get in touch –

Exciting Carrot News !!

Monday, April 8th, 2013

Carrot rowsToday something happened that got me really excited , and I’m used to the apparent miracles essences can bring …..

I’ve been working for a couple of days a week in a large walled garden growing flowers alongside Mat who grows the vegetables –pretty darned well I must say. Anyway this year we were told by our employers that they wanted the garden run Biodynamically. I was overjoyed as had been planting by the moon for a long time and had seen how much stronger everything grew and wanted to learn more about the subject .Mat wasn’t so pleased, but was kind of curious and did what he was told. We duly bought a Maria Thun calendar which we look at in our potting shed every morning over a cuppa discussing what needs doing in the garden.

Anyway Mat sowed a couple of rows of early carrots in the polytunnel ( on a Root day) several months ago and was moaning that there was no sign of them germinating. I suggested he watered them with our Carrot essence just to remind them that they had to grow into strong healthy carrots. I was partly joking but we thought it was worth a go. So he watered half the carrots with a dropperful of Carrot essence and the other half with normal water – just once, after that he watered as normal. Many weeks later still no sign of anything.

And then, today lo and behold they had come up and ,you guessed it, the half that had been watered with the essence came up quite significantly bigger and with a higher rate of germination than the others. I have photo evidence  .
Of course it is early days yet –they are only just poking through the silver sand but even I was impressed- the difference is quiet marked and of course I will keep you posted through Facebook and Twitter to see how they progress .

And now I want to make essences of all the other vegetables. We already have an Apple combination essence (called The Path Ahead) which would be great for watering stressed Apple trees and to help them resist disease. And I (and many people we know) have been putting a dropperful of our A&E essence (very similar to Rescue Remedy)in the watering can when watering transplants to help with the stress.

Not only does this show how essences can be used on plants but also removes some of the anti essence brigades ‘placebo effect’ argument against why essences work.

So watch this space guys –vegetable growing is about to go to a whole new level !!

And of course for all thoses flower growers out there you can use the specific flower essences to give your flowers a boost….

(I haven’t worked out how to attach photos to this blog yet but if you want to see proof please email me

Monday Mornings

Monday, September 17th, 2012

Do you dread Monday mornings and then really look forward to Fridays?? Often?? Then maybe you need to change something in your life…. just an idea… not an order…..who am I to tell you what to do? It’s just that it often makes me sad to think of so many people doing things they don’t enjoy for most of their lives when life is such a magical gift.

My favourite quote ever that I have pinned on my wall is “The principle business of life is to enjoy it” and I really believe this is true – That doesn’t mean having ‘fun’ all the time but using your precious time on this incredibly beautiful planet in ways you find fulfilling and (mostly) enjoyable….. I’m not going to go on BUT if you are ready for serious life changes there are essences that can make it much much easier .

The first one to reach for is our ‘Path Ahead’ combination that is made from 5 different apple varieties which is great for giving clarity to how you can be most fruitful in your life. It really helps if you are unsure what to do and which direction to go in.

Once you’ve decided how you are going to change your life lots of courage is needed… Twayblade is fabulous for this –for feeling that it’s OK to jump and that everything will turn out for the best. Wild Garlic brings a feeling of being supported and looked after by ‘The Universe’ and ‘them up there’ whoever you believe that may be and Borage is for courage, for feeling you can cope with whatever life throws at you.
For finding the energy and determination to carry out your plan our ‘Keep on Track’ combination does just the job, stopping you worrying what others think of you, keeping you focussed and moving forward.
And you might also find ‘Speaking with Confidence’ comes in handy when you have to put your plan to others and hand in your notice.

There are lots of changes happening on earth at the moment and who knows how much longer we all have on this planet –make your time here count, enjoy your life and start loving Mondays again –go on I dare you 🙂

A Beginners Guide to Flower Essences

Friday, May 11th, 2012

OK before we begin –flower essences AREN’T essential oils –they don’t smell but they do come in small dropper bottles which look a bit similar on the shelf in the shop….

So if you think of Bach’s Rescue Remedy you’re on the right track –usually they are taken as drops under the tongue and help deal with emotional inbalance.

Flower essences hold the vibrational imprint of a plant in a mixture of alcohol and water. Each different essence contains the ‘personality’ of that particular plant. Taking this liquid into your body acts as a reminder to behave in a similar way to that plant, to take on its characteristics if you like and brings awareness to thought and behaviour patterns and helps you change how you feel and act.

So if you want to act and feel more like a buttercup – sunshiney and confidant and full of the joys of life take buttercup essence and see just how different you feel.

Because flower essences don’t carry any material matter of the plant they are completely safe to use with other medications, during pregnancy and breast feeding and for children. In fact they work especially well with children who are a lot less stuck in their patterns and are generally more open minded and receptive to change.

But because they contain no material matter people who are much more used to using the logical (left side) of their brains find the whole concept difficult to get their heads around. Once people have tried essences and experienced their changes they find it much easier to believe they work. And because they deal with emotions which are very subjective it is nearly impossible to conduct reliable studies into how each essence works. The science is catching up to show how essences in general work. Dr Emoto in Japan has done lots of work with holding vibrations and memories in water and quantum physicists have lots of evidence of how water holds vibrations. My general reply to sceptics is that an awful lot of people thought the world was flat for a really long time….. and that the Bach essences have been made and sold to millions since the 1930’s –people don’t keep buying things that don’t work.

    So what can essences be used for?

Unlike the Bach essences modern essence makers aren’t legally allowed to claim that they help with any physical/medical conditions and so they are mostly described in how they affect emotional issues (although there is LOTS of evidence to suggest that how we feel and think affects our physical well being).
Essences can help you sleep, stop you worrying, make you feel more confidant, stop you feeling nervous, not good enough, intolerant, impatient etc etc. If it’s to do with emotions and how we behave as humans in this roller coaster journey called life there is probably an essence for it out there.

Obviously we would like you to use our essences but there are lots of other companies out there. In general smaller companies make things with more love and integrity – and with something as energetic as a flower essence I feel this is crucial. So if you have something that needs changing in your life and want to use something that is completely natural, safe, and easy to use then flower essences are one of the first things to turn to.


Movin' on

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

I want to share with you my recent experience of changing countries, moving to a city from the countryside and having a completely different lifestyle and how that’s been affecting me energetically and the essences I’ve been using to help me adjust.

(For those that don’t already know I’m living in New Orleans for a couple of months and staying with a very good friend/ soul sister, experiencing the Carnival season and all the other things this city has to offer :))

I’ve done quite a lot of travelling in my life but never before have I noticed how it affects me energetically as much as I have done this time. Without all my ‘things’ and history, friends and family around me I have a new feeling of who I am, me in the here and now- more condensed and contained and more able to be who I truly am without all my history and peoples pre-conceived ideas of who I am and how I should behave –it’s very liberating and fun to play with and I’ve been really enjoying the Buttercup essence for smiley confidence, Cowslip (for playfulness) as well as Twayblade (Leap of Faith) for diving into new adventures. In the past, without the help of essences, I would have found this experience more scary (and Wild Garlic would have helped loads with that) and constricting and I would have pulled into myself more.

After a couple of weeks living in someone else’s space, sharing their life and their ‘things’ I’ve really been helped by Yarrow essence which is great for realizing what is your ‘stuff’ and what is theirs. In all relationships there is an interaction of energy and it is so easy to take on the feelings of someone else – and for them to take on yours. I’m realizing how important it is to be responsible for the energy you give out and just how we affect those around us. Coming back here after 3 years has really made me realize just how much I’ve changed and achieved in that time -thanks mostly to those fabulous flowers .

I’m just love love loving our My Personal Space spray –it really came into it’s own during a long flight and makes me feel safe and protected while walking the streets (and its smells sooo good)

And I’m really enjoying living with someone else and sharing good times, dreams, meals and thoughts and seeing how different another culture is, how other people do things and learning more about myself in relationship to that- reassessing my values, finding out what’s important to me and what I want to really do with my time.
The essence that has really really helped with all this movement and change is Rio Clarillo, our river essence, which helps you go with the flow, to not get stuck in your ideas of how things ‘should’ be and is a lively, fun and energetic number for letting go.

I’m truly hoping that you too are enjoying the beginning of this year as much as I am and using those essences to support you in all the challenges that you come across –never forget how much support you have available to you when you need it, and do get in touch if you have any questions at all about which essences you might need at this time –It may sound like I’m off being footloose and fancy free but if it’s essences you want help with I’m always here …… ( -as is Christine, back at base, ready to pack off your orders as soon as they arrive.

Changing yourself is changing the world

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Of course everything is changing all the time but it feels, to many, that there is a lot more of it about than usual. Many of us find this quite hard to deal with. The fear, resistance and panic it brings up can be enormous especially if it’s amplified by the media and those around us.

Lots of people believe that there is a massive shift happening for the life of the planet and the beings that live on it. This shift will, undoubtedly, bring chaos and destruction as the old ways of being/doing/ thinking change into the new.

Essences are great tools to have by your side while all these changes are happening .How we deal with the changes inside and outside of us affects how those around us react and, therefore, how the planet as a whole reacts. How you deal with things affects EVERYTHING .

If you believe in a divine plan but are unable to let yourself go with the flow and let everything happen as it is ‘meant’ to Rio Clarillo is a great essence (I wrote more about this amazing river essence in a blog a year or so ago- called All Change) it brings movement and change in a light playful way, enabling you to relax, feel into your intuition and move with less resistance down the river of life.

Some of us would prefer to believe that change is not happening by keeping keeping on, working hard and fast and hoping that by doing things like we have always done everything will continue to be as it is. For this way of being Speedwell is a very good essence bringing a calm knowingness that everything is going to be alright, it’s fine to slow down(or even stop), it brings a stillness in amongst the chaos (a bit like being at the stationary middle point of a whirlpool) and is fabulous for these turbulent times.

Willow essence brings flexibility .It stops us seizing up and becoming stuck. Dr Bach said it was very good for arthritis when our bodies seize up and are unwilling to bend at all. The flexibility of the willow means that this tree, often found near rivers/water, doesn’t break during times of great stress, which is a lesson we all need to remember.

Walnut is another Bach tree essence that is very good during times of change bringing a protected feeling from how everyone else is reacting to how we are and helps with transitions from one phase to the next.

When right in the midst of stressful, panicky changing times Star of Bethlehem and Dandelion are great for feeling grounded and solid and centred.Star of Bethlehem is used in our Accident and Emergency essence (as well as in Bach’s Rescue Remedy) for shock of any kind –in the present, near past or a long long time ago. Dandelion is incredibly grounding bringing you completely into the present and able to deal with things in a present, sunshiney way. Borage is very good at bringing courage and a feeling of being able to cope with all of life’s challenges/growth opportunities(!)

Oh and don’t forget the Wild Garlic which brings us back in touch with whoever is ‘up there’ looking out for us . It brings back a knowing that we are safe and supported.

If you are feeling good about all that is happening in your life, you are happy and thriving with all this change but find other people’s reactions hard to deal with you might find ‘My Personal Space’ spray very good for keeping firm boundaries and not letting ‘others’ bring you down.

And if you want to change and are having trouble doing so our Keep on Track combination is just what you need to help you along your chosen path.

Change is inevitable –how we deal with it is up to us. So don’t forget those fabulous flowers to help you remember how to be who you truly are.


Sunday, August 14th, 2011

Most of us think/feel/have been taught that anger is a negative experience and lots of us often try as hard as possible to ignore/push down any angry feelings we have, conditioned to think they make us a bad person. Anger is one of those emotions we’d rather not have and most of us have many techniques of avoiding this uncomfortable emotion, whether they are drink and/or drugs (illegal or prescribed) or other ways of just stopping feeling anything at all.

However in the long term this can be incredibly bad for our mental and physical health and will either turn inwards mutating into bitterness and resentment, affecting our relationships and our general outlook on life or forcing its way to the surface in an unmanageable, and often violent explosion.

However we feel about it anger, expressed and confronted while fresh and young can be an incredibly healthy and rewarding experience, bringing about change and showing where things aren’t working.

Holly essence is the best flower essence for dealing with anger in ourselves and understanding it in others. It brings an awareness of what the underlying issues are, bringing compassion to a situation and helping us see how a resolution to the problem may come about.

Usually it is situations where we are being treated unfairly, are not being listened to or feel we are misunderstood that bring feelings of anger and frustration. Sometimes all it takes is for someone else to acknowledge that there is a problem, that they are listening to our grievances and are willing to try and help find a solution. At other times we may need to physically move our anger out of our bodies . Digging or chopping wood, swimming, running or doing some other strenuous activity really helps ,transmuting the energy into something else.

Other flower essences that really help with situations involving anger are Weld which brings perspective to a situation, helping you step back and objectively look at something. Nettle is very good for situations where you are not putting up clear boundaries. When this happens it is very easy for you to get angry at being mistreated. Blackberry is great about doing something about situations you are angry about especially situations where others are being treated unfairly/unjustly. It helps you stand up and state your case and brings energy to get things changed. Once anger has moed into resentment and bitterness Willow can be very useful to bring flexibility to a situation/person that has become stuck and unbending .

So yet again we can turn to the incredibly powerful tools that essences are to help us deal with our emotions in a healthy way , to bring awareness , to find solutions and to make life a more enjoyable, healthy experience all round .

Keep on Track

Monday, June 13th, 2011

A few months ago a woman came up to us at an event we were at and asked if we had anything to help her lose weight…..we explained that our essences deal more with emotional issues and that they might help bring awareness to the emotional reasons why she was overweight and help keep her focussed on her dieting but wouldn’t actually make her lose weight.

In yet another ‘light bulb moment’ that Christine and I are prone to we realized that here was a new combination essence waiting to be ‘born’ which can help with anything you have resolved to do and keep you focussed on your mission. And so, along with 3 other new combinations, we have recently launched ‘Keep on Track’ and so far the results are looking pretty good (though I say so myself :)). One woman described a feeling of having a laser beam rather than a hazy light shining on her resolve.

This is the essence to take if you are training for a race and are finding it really hard to get out of bed to do your daily run, if you have decided you want to give up smoking (or any other addiction) or if you keep getting pulled back into a destructive relationship. And I’m sure you can think of lots of other times when you need to be reminded to keep on the road you have chosen, to not get persuaded by other people to do something you don’t really want to do, to say no to the piece of cake that you’re being offered …… I could go on.

Flower essences are great at bringing awareness and helping us shift patterns, and as someone recently said to me, to “awaken your true self”. It feels really good to be able to bring something into the world to help you all keep to your chosen path and we’re incredibly grateful that the flowers want to help us all in this complex human journey.

This fabulous new combination contains : Nans Polyanthus – for things that are difficult to do, Walnut – to stop being influenced by what others think ,Weld – for keeping the bigger picture in mind, Blackberry – for energising your ‘mission’, Yarrow – protection from outside influences, Pennyroyal – for feeling balanced and complete.

We hope that you’ll find it really useful in your toolkit for life.

To order Keep on Track go to:

News Update and other stuff

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011


“The reward of our work is not what we get, but what we become” Paulo Coelho

Saskia’s Flower Essences consists of me (Saskia), my very good friend Christine and her partner George who we employ to do the website, leaflet/label design and any other technical stuff –in fact often we feel he does more than the 2 of us put together.

We’ve been friends since our boys were at primary school together (more than 15 years now) and the quote above reminded me how much the work we all do together, to get the essences out to the people who need them, has strengthened/tested/improved our relationship and the personal growth we’ve gone through along the way. I know for myself personally that, with the help of the flowers I’ve become much more confident, outgoing , self assured and happier with who I am.

It’s knowing how much the essences help people in their struggle to become the best that they can be that keeps us going when the bills come in/we’ve spent all day at the computer/orders don’t come in as quickly as we want.

All along we’ve known that this is a long term business, that (like life) slow steady growth is best, that helping others is what it’s all about and it’s the small milestones that we celebrate – yesterday we managed to get barcodes on our combination labels for a chain of stores who need them and for some reason this felt like a big leap and they looked sooo professional (thanks George)….. it’s the little things that keep you going 🙂

Also this month we have released  4 NEW COMBINATIONS  which we know are going to be a great success ……STRENGTH AND SUPPORT, SPEAKING WITH CONFIDENCE, LET’S CELEBRATE and KEEP ON TRACK……we hope the names are self explanatory but if not go to our combinations page where you can also buy them :

And we also had a great day at Hawkwood College Open Day where we launched our new essences, our new leaflet and gave a workshop (which my dad attended !!- bringing me face to face with how much I have grown and who I’ve become).So many people told us their stories of how our essences have helped them which is really rewarding…… We are doing a 2 day workshop there next month which we’re really looking forward to -they still have places available so if you’re interested get in touch.(  

For me the exciting bit about my ‘work’ is not only what it’s helped me become but how much further I know it’s going to take me…along with the help of the flowers and my friends to act as catalysts/mirrors…..BRING IT ON  🙂


Monday, April 11th, 2011

Everywhere I look there are Dandelions shining like mini suns, the fields are covered in them, rejoicing in the returning of the sun. They glow and shine and it seems like the warmth they have absorbed is making them smile. As any gardener knows they are very deep rooted and don’t give up the struggle easily- getting rid of them is nearly impossible.

Like the star sign of Leo they are ‘dominant, spontaneously creative and extrovert’ and seem to ‘thrive on adversity’ and indeed Dandelion flower essence brings a dandy-lion quality with it. This is truly a Leo flower.

This energy- strong, grounded and certain of itself -definitely seems to be needed in the world at the moment where world events have left many of us feeling wobbly, despondent, helpless and unsure of what the future will bring and how to deal with it. Dandelion essence brings you back into the here and now in a strong, brave confident way, able to get on with what you have to do to make this world a sunnier place. And like a dandelion that sends all its seeds off into the air to go wherever they will the thoughts that come while being grounded and true to yourself inspire and help others to do the same 🙂

So start practising being a dandelion today, go and lie in a field in the sun until you feel a deep connection with the earth, as you feel the sun filling your body relax, start glowing and smile very broadly…..then let your seeds/thoughts just drift off on the breeze-and see how much more present, confident and sunny you feel. Taking our Dandelion essence will make this even easier, especially if you are surrounded by concrete!

To order some today go to: