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Wednesday, May 11th, 2011


“The reward of our work is not what we get, but what we become” Paulo Coelho

Saskia’s Flower Essences consists of me (Saskia), my very good friend Christine and her partner George who we employ to do the website, leaflet/label design and any other technical stuff –in fact often we feel he does more than the 2 of us put together.

We’ve been friends since our boys were at primary school together (more than 15 years now) and the quote above reminded me how much the work we all do together, to get the essences out to the people who need them, has strengthened/tested/improved our relationship and the personal growth we’ve gone through along the way. I know for myself personally that, with the help of the flowers I’ve become much more confident, outgoing , self assured and happier with who I am.

It’s knowing how much the essences help people in their struggle to become the best that they can be that keeps us going when the bills come in/we’ve spent all day at the computer/orders don’t come in as quickly as we want.

All along we’ve known that this is a long term business, that (like life) slow steady growth is best, that helping others is what it’s all about and it’s the small milestones that we celebrate – yesterday we managed to get barcodes on our combination labels for a chain of stores who need them and for some reason this felt like a big leap and they looked sooo professional (thanks George)….. it’s the little things that keep you going :)

Also this month we have released  4 NEW COMBINATIONS  which we know are going to be a great success ……STRENGTH AND SUPPORT, SPEAKING WITH CONFIDENCE, LET’S CELEBRATE and KEEP ON TRACK……we hope the names are self explanatory but if not go to our combinations page where you can also buy them :

And we also had a great day at Hawkwood College Open Day where we launched our new essences, our new leaflet and gave a workshop (which my dad attended !!- bringing me face to face with how much I have grown and who I’ve become).So many people told us their stories of how our essences have helped them which is really rewarding…… We are doing a 2 day workshop there next month which we’re really looking forward to -they still have places available so if you’re interested get in touch.(  

For me the exciting bit about my ‘work’ is not only what it’s helped me become but how much further I know it’s going to take me…along with the help of the flowers and my friends to act as catalysts/mirrors…..BRING IT ON  :)