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My Personal Space

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Our newest spray is here at last!!! And it has the potential to revolutionize the way you live your life!!! It is designed to put a protective bubble around you that only those you wish to invite in can enter. As one young woman put it “oh it’s a ‘don’t invade my space’ spray”.  It is perfect for people who are bullied, anyone working in large offices, using public transport, family life and people with weak boundaries. It will help you feel safe and protected from other people’s energy/ thought’s/ behaviour and allow you to feel feel confident about who you are.

The flower essences that we chose to put in it were: Yarrow which is for psychic protection and is great for seeing what is your ‘stuff’ and what is someone else’s. Nettle – one of our best sellers, which is for when you are ‘pissed off’ and helps with maintaining your boundaries. Borage which helps you deal with all that life throws at you in a calm balanced way. Walnut, another great protection essence, (think of the shell of the walnut around the brain shaped nut) which stops you worrying about what others think of you. Buttercup which helps increase your personal power and self confidence. And we really couldn’t leave out the perfect Potentilla which helps you love yourself just as you are.

We are really excited at the prospect of getting this mix to as many people as possible to help them in their everyday lives, and sprays are a great way of absorbing essences.

Modern life can feel  so complex and complicated and we often feel invaded by others and unable to separate ourselves (emotionally, mentally and physically) from other people. We felt that one of the things our essences could do for people would be to help give them more space and feel good about who they are.

My Personal Space comes in an easy to carry 30ml mister bottle and is held in an (Organic) orange flower blossom and rosemary hydrosol ( the by- product of making essential oil) which will make you smell fabulous too.

Order your own ‘bubble’ mix on-line NOW

“brilliant for when you’re just going or have just been
with people of a different frequency or in a sticky space. immediately restorative.” Jo Lingwood

“I’ve been using My personal Space in my yoga room – it’s perfect for helping people to work in a contained way – and they’re all asking me about it, they want some!” Corrina Norton, Yoga Teacher

December 09/ Room Sprays

Friday, December 25th, 2009

Well whether you want it to be or not December is always busy if you’re a retailer- our instincts are to hibernate but our heads usually win over and take advantage of people buying more than usual…

Our room sprays are out there at last!!! And we’re really pleased with them –we’ve had some great feedback already from practitioners as well as people who just want to use them at home and teachers who are using them in their classrooms. The ‘Clear and Protect’ spray, in a base of orange flower water , is great –smelling gorgeous as well as having the magic of those flowers (as well as that fabulous Chilean Rio Clarillo –made nearly exactly a year ago).When mixing essences there’s always  the temptation to put lots in together so they can all do their bit but like a good flower arrangement it needs discernment and balance so the mix we decided on was: Yarrow– for psychic protection, Crab Apple– to cleanse and purify, Borage– for calm and balanced protection, Rio Clarillo– to wash away and let go and Walnut– for protection from unwanted influences. This spray was designed with practitioners in mind (or anyone really who needs to get rid of the energy of other people from their space)

With our other spray ‘Enjoy the Space’ we wanted to make something that you could use to make your space more enjoyable –clean and calm in a rose water base –  we think it does its job. With this one we used : Crab Apple-to cleanse and purify, Dandelion (our most useful essence so far)-for relaxing and ‘being  here now’, Potentilla-to enjoy being you ,just as you are, Gorse– sunshine and joy, Cowslip– for feeling safe, Speedwell– calm in the chaos and Cherry Plum for soft calmness.

We’re now working on a spray called ‘My Personal Space’ which will be in a much smaller bottle to carry around with you to use in all those situations where you need a bit of space –in the office , on the train, at school -anywhere really where there are other people that you want to distance yourself from. It should be available from the website early in the New Year unless the desire to hibernate wins!

Like all good businesses we rely mostly on word of mouth about how good our products are which means slow steady growth-which is much more stable in the long run- so I’ve really enjoyed meeting people at the Stroud Farmers Market this month who come and tell me how good they’ve found our essences. One mother came with her 13yr old to report how much better his behaviour at school was after he’d chosen 4 essences as an early Christmas present from his granny- they’d run out of Bindweed and desperately wanted more- apparently the school had noticed a real difference in his behaviour, concentration and attitude. It’s feedback like this that makes it all worth it…..

So it’s with a grateful heart and cold toes that I hope that the New Year brings you everything that you wish for. The winter months bring a time for reflection and resolutions to change your lives for the better. Don’t forget how those essences can make it all so much easier!