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October 09

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Well it’s been a pretty busy lately here at Saskia’s Flower Essences HQ. -what with getting our new leaflet printed at last –been a long ole haul but we’re pleased with the results, designing all the labels for all our new essences, re-vamping the website, putting on our annual workshop in the beautiful yurt at Herbs for Healing (, which I now have the pleasure of calling home, and spending a great weekend at West Dean College’s(nr Chichester) Apple Day talking to loads of great people and finding the right essences for them, including one elderly lady who felt White Chestnut would be just right for getting the numbers from playing patience on the computer out of her head at night !!- It’s also good for all those thoughts that go round and round with no resolution and is in our new ‘Breathe Deep , Seek Peace’ combination which is perfect for people who have trouble sleeping. Even the fabulous George (our in house sceptic and computer whizz/ designer/solver of all things technical) has reported having a whole nights uninterrupted sleep after taking some as a last resort.

We also met some great people at our annual weekend at the Mind/Body/Soul fair at Cheltenham’s Pitville Pump Rooms. Christine led a lovely visualisation during our talk there using our Apple essence combination ‘The Path Ahead’ which everyone found very inspiring. Two days within four walls was a strain tho’ – I hadn’t realized how much time I spend outdoors these days. Spending so much time amongst the strong, determined and wise plants at Herbs for Healing has been an inspiration. We spent an evening led by Davina Wynne Jones journeying to meet the plant spirit of Southernwood-a comforting, mothering, supportive experience- and I made a yarrow essence( for psychic protection)to put in our space clearing spray that lots of practitioners have been requesting (watch this space for further details – or e-mail us and we’ll let you know when it’s ready).I’ve been improving my knowledge of the herbal uses of the plants and we’re in talks with Lady Ashcombe at Sudely Castle to make a range of skin care products incorporating essences in collaboration with Herbs for Healing which should be on the shelves there in the spring which is very exciting.

As you may be able to tell we are continuing to get much satisfaction from being able to harness the energy of the plants in a form that we can all use and to be able to send those vibrations out to people who need them. We really hope that you’ll be able to share our exciting journey with the flowers and essences by using them, coming to one of our workshops or just passing the word on to others about just how powerful these magic drops are.