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Monday, March 1st, 2010

The days are getting longer, shoots are starting to show and the year is just getting into gear but you can’t?……the winter blues are lingering, you just can’t see the point, can’t be bothered and it all seems just too hard?

One of the fabulous things that flower essences do is help to bring awareness to a situation, help you to see things in another way and give you the energy to change your patterns, your fixed way of seeing things. They are here to help, to help you see a different way, to move you along on the path you decide to take, to remind you how to be more like them. By taking their vibration inside of yourself they add their energy to yours to help you along and up.

When we are feeling low and slow yellow flowers often help the most. The colour yellow is associated with the solar plexus –the energy centre (or chakra) that asks the question ‘who am I?’ It is the ‘me’ place and the centre of our personal power. So it would make sense that yellow flowers energise this part of us.

Buttercup (finding time for yourself) with its cups to collect the sunshine, Gorse (bringing in the light) with its joyful flowers on top of those terrible prickly thorns, Dandelion (be here now) shining like the sun and deeply rooted in the earth and Cowslip (for feeling safe enough to play) dangling it’s flowers in such a silly way are all energising essences and help you feel more alive, cheerful and strengthened. They bring in the sun and help us shine again. Weld (for seeing the bigger picture)is another yellow flower that can help when you’re feeling down as it helps you step back  from a situation and see it as it really is- never a bad thing.

And then there is Bluebell (strength and support) and Wild Garlic (universal support on life’s journey)which both grow in our woods during the springtime to remind us that it’s OK to lift our heads up to the sky again and ask for help to be strong and fearless .The winter is over  and it’s time to be joyous. ‘It’s safe to be you and you are supported’ is the message they bring in their different way before the leaves come out on the trees.

And then there are the watery ones that bring flexibility when you are stuck, help you move out all the old stuff and move into springiness. Willow (that loves growing by rivers) and Rio Clarillo (made from a lively, joyful, energetic river in Chile) both help with letting go and moving on.

Flowers (and their essences which we capture in bottles) bring wisdom to our lives –all we have to do is listen to them and remember.

For more help on which of the above essences might be best for you at the moment go to our website( and read more about each one or just go with your instincts ,your gut reaction, and see which ones jump out at you.

The days are getting longer and it really isn’t ever as bad as it seems……