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Cards to Inspire

Friday, November 26th, 2010

Here at Saskia’s Flower Essences HQ we’re very excited about a new product that we’ve just launched that brings the messages flowers have to share with us all into our lives in a different way….60 small cards inspired by the messages the flowers have to give. Placed upside down on a plate these cards can be picked ’randomly’ daily or just occasionally to bring insight and magic into your life.

Each card has a flower essence associated with it that you may like to ponder upon….perhaps you need this particular message or this essence at this moment in time…..

When we first started making essences and wanted to know what the different ones were for we asked other flower essences producers how they worked out what each one did and they replied that they ‘meditated with the flowers’ or ‘the flowers speak to me’…being quite grounded practical women we wanted something much more scientific and besides trialing the essences on ourselves and other people we couldn’t think of much else to do. After many years of making new essences we have come to realize that the flowers do speak to us- it just wasn’t quite how we imagined…their colour, shape, herbal uses, where and how they grow all give us clues about their personalities and how they can interact with us and show us how to be. And sometimes when making essences thoughts just appear ‘as if by magic’ and sometimes it really does feel like I’m having a conversation with that flower and it ‘tells’ me more about who it is and how it can help us humans.

Flowers speak to us all in many different ways -just being with flowers can bring peace and joy as well as lessons on how to be. Flower Essences help get these messages deep into our beings and our new sets of ‘Cards to Inspire’ bring these messages joyfully into our everyday lives.

And they come in a great little tin to hold them all together when you’re not using them.

We think it’s a great idea and hope you do too…..

To purchase a little tin of inspiration online go to: