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Monday, April 11th, 2011

Everywhere I look there are Dandelions shining like mini suns, the fields are covered in them, rejoicing in the returning of the sun. They glow and shine and it seems like the warmth they have absorbed is making them smile. As any gardener knows they are very deep rooted and don’t give up the struggle easily- getting rid of them is nearly impossible.

Like the star sign of Leo they are ‘dominant, spontaneously creative and extrovert’ and seem to ‘thrive on adversity’ and indeed Dandelion flower essence brings a dandy-lion quality with it. This is truly a Leo flower.

This energy- strong, grounded and certain of itself -definitely seems to be needed in the world at the moment where world events have left many of us feeling wobbly, despondent, helpless and unsure of what the future will bring and how to deal with it. Dandelion essence brings you back into the here and now in a strong, brave confident way, able to get on with what you have to do to make this world a sunnier place. And like a dandelion that sends all its seeds off into the air to go wherever they will the thoughts that come while being grounded and true to yourself inspire and help others to do the same 🙂

So start practising being a dandelion today, go and lie in a field in the sun until you feel a deep connection with the earth, as you feel the sun filling your body relax, start glowing and smile very broadly…..then let your seeds/thoughts just drift off on the breeze-and see how much more present, confident and sunny you feel. Taking our Dandelion essence will make this even easier, especially if you are surrounded by concrete!

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