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Movin' on

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

I want to share with you my recent experience of changing countries, moving to a city from the countryside and having a completely different lifestyle and how that’s been affecting me energetically and the essences I’ve been using to help me adjust.

(For those that don’t already know I’m living in New Orleans for a couple of months and staying with a very good friend/ soul sister, experiencing the Carnival season and all the other things this city has to offer :))

I’ve done quite a lot of travelling in my life but never before have I noticed how it affects me energetically as much as I have done this time. Without all my ‘things’ and history, friends and family around me I have a new feeling of who I am, me in the here and now- more condensed and contained and more able to be who I truly am without all my history and peoples pre-conceived ideas of who I am and how I should behave –it’s very liberating and fun to play with and I’ve been really enjoying the Buttercup essence for smiley confidence, Cowslip (for playfulness) as well as Twayblade (Leap of Faith) for diving into new adventures. In the past, without the help of essences, I would have found this experience more scary (and Wild Garlic would have helped loads with that) and constricting and I would have pulled into myself more.

After a couple of weeks living in someone else’s space, sharing their life and their ‘things’ I’ve really been helped by Yarrow essence which is great for realizing what is your ‘stuff’ and what is theirs. In all relationships there is an interaction of energy and it is so easy to take on the feelings of someone else – and for them to take on yours. I’m realizing how important it is to be responsible for the energy you give out and just how we affect those around us. Coming back here after 3 years has really made me realize just how much I’ve changed and achieved in that time -thanks mostly to those fabulous flowers .

I’m just love love loving our My Personal Space spray –it really came into it’s own during a long flight and makes me feel safe and protected while walking the streets (and its smells sooo good)

And I’m really enjoying living with someone else and sharing good times, dreams, meals and thoughts and seeing how different another culture is, how other people do things and learning more about myself in relationship to that- reassessing my values, finding out what’s important to me and what I want to really do with my time.
The essence that has really really helped with all this movement and change is Rio Clarillo, our river essence, which helps you go with the flow, to not get stuck in your ideas of how things ‘should’ be and is a lively, fun and energetic number for letting go.

I’m truly hoping that you too are enjoying the beginning of this year as much as I am and using those essences to support you in all the challenges that you come across –never forget how much support you have available to you when you need it, and do get in touch if you have any questions at all about which essences you might need at this time –It may sound like I’m off being footloose and fancy free but if it’s essences you want help with I’m always here …… ( -as is Christine, back at base, ready to pack off your orders as soon as they arrive.