Keep on Track

A few months ago a woman came up to us at an event we were at and asked if we had anything to help her lose weight…..we explained that our essences deal more with emotional issues and that they might help bring awareness to the emotional reasons why she was overweight and help keep her focussed on her dieting but wouldn’t actually make her lose weight.

In yet another ‘light bulb moment’ that Christine and I are prone to we realized that here was a new combination essence waiting to be ‘born’ which can help with anything you have resolved to do and keep you focussed on your mission. And so, along with 3 other new combinations, we have recently launched ‘Keep on Track’ and so far the results are looking pretty good (though I say so myself :)). One woman described a feeling of having a laser beam rather than a hazy light shining on her resolve.

This is the essence to take if you are training for a race and are finding it really hard to get out of bed to do your daily run, if you have decided you want to give up smoking (or any other addiction) or if you keep getting pulled back into a destructive relationship. And I’m sure you can think of lots of other times when you need to be reminded to keep on the road you have chosen, to not get persuaded by other people to do something you don’t really want to do, to say no to the piece of cake that you’re being offered …… I could go on.

Flower essences are great at bringing awareness and helping us shift patterns, and as someone recently said to me, to “awaken your true self”. It feels really good to be able to bring something into the world to help you all keep to your chosen path and we’re incredibly grateful that the flowers want to help us all in this complex human journey.

This fabulous new combination contains : Nans Polyanthus – for things that are difficult to do, Walnut – to stop being influenced by what others think ,Weld – for keeping the bigger picture in mind, Blackberry – for energising your ‘mission’, Yarrow – protection from outside influences, Pennyroyal – for feeling balanced and complete.

We hope that you’ll find it really useful in your toolkit for life.

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