The earth is stirring after a long cold winter (for most of us) and the snowdrops in their  brave, some may think foolhardy, way are the first to push their way through frozen earth to catch the first glimmers of pale sun on their smooth shoulders. The freezing winds batter them, the frost freezes them night after night but then as soon as the sun shines they open, their 3 petals spread revealing exquisite green markings and they glow, so so white and dance in the wind for they know that spring is coming, that it’s not too early to celebrate, the year has shifted and there is hope.

We have been helping a young Frenchman make a short film about essences and as this is the only time he has free we have been concentrating a lot on snowdrops and getting to know them. It’s been a joyful experience and they have showed us how to be brave, to let any tension we have hanging on our shoulders slip off, to defrost and be hopeful about the future.

We have only just made the essence but feel, already, that it would be good for depression, grief and tension. But those are just my feelings, as with all essences everyone gets something slightly different from them. It’s a bit like getting to know a person –everyone will have a different experience (sometimes completely different) of who you are and so it is with flowers. It is very difficult to write what each essence is for as, like us, they don’t like being put in boxes. We can only give a general idea, a suggestion, an invitation to explore if you are moved or excited by what that flower may be able to show you. And then provide you with the essence if you want to experience it’s energy, to learn what it has to teach.

All I know is that I would like to be more like a snowdrop- pure and brave and able to let things sliiide off my shoulders, to shine like a bright light and open to the sun 🙂

If you would like to try and be more like a snowdrop please get in touch ( and we will send you an essence for a free trial, we’ll also send you a form to fill in to share your experiences.

And don’t forget there are lots of other flowers waiting to show you how to be more like them, we’ve harnessed their energy and they are waiting for you at

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